Thursday, January 31, 2008

surrender shelby

Shelby Lynne, why did you surrender to the alleged suggestion of an aging crooner with new hips? Doing an album of Dusty covers with no subtlety whatsoever required a dearth of inspiration and effort. Barry Manilow is not a good excuse. If anything, a suggestion from that overgrown beagle-boy (who more resembles a frog-face) should result in a run the other way reaction.

It's sad when folks swallow the buzz of laziness.

Feel free to compare with the creative all-gal various artists' compilation
Forever Dusty.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hopper Starters... set of questions:

1. (this one in from ledbelly) where did you sleep last night? (and don't say "in the pines"!)
2. why do fools fall in love
3. does anyone really know what time it is
4. where is the love?
5. can i get a witness?

Cheesa...Just to get some in the hopper:

1. What's love got to do with it?
2. How long (has this been going on)?
3. When will I see you again?
4. Can you stop the rain?
5. Who do ya love?

I will answer all same numbers at the same time.

1. Where did you sleep last night and what's love got to do with it?
In bed with G and M!

2. Why do fools fall in love and how long has this been going on?
Lack of healthy hobbies and for all time.

3. Does anybody really know what time it is and when will I see you again?
Time is a human invention so it is, of course, relative. That said, apparently some folks really know what time it is (those employed with keeping such things as Greenwich and the magic atomic clock working). I think general time creations, such as dinnertime, lunchtime, naptime and howdy doody time are more relevant than o'clock time. As for part b, I hope sooner rather than later. I do think it's time for a hike or time for a meal with you soon.

4. Where is the love and can you stop the rain?
Well, the love is all around if you want it. As for the rain, no you individually can't stop it, although you can redirect small portions of it with shields (bumbershoot-style). You collectively can stop the rain by your, and I mean our, wasteful excesses that cause global warming and greenhouse effects. Such things, judging from our historic drought, do let us stop the rain.

5. Can I get a witness and who do you love?
Yes, you are all my witnesses and with the advent of Intenetness, all the world is a witness. As for love, you know I love you all.