Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beloved Community

St. Philip’s Church Campus, Downtown Durham

First Annual

Beloved Community
Resource Fair & Picnic



If you live, work or worship in downtown Durham, you already know there’s a divide. We’re not talking about black and white or good and evil, but of the haves and the haves-not. Those who have a home, have food to eat, and have clothing to put on each morning. And those who have little or nothing.

Today’s economic downturn is producing more and more need in our community, for both individuals and for families. And with the school year (and school lunches) ending, families living on the edge face even more pressure to get through each day in the summertime.

This resource fair and picnic will provide opportunities to give help to those in need. Opportunities to get help from a variety of service and aid institutions. And opportunities to share a meal, conversation and music with a greater part of your beloved Durham community.

Become a part of it. Please join this celebration of community and faith. Volunteers are still needed—contact Rich Ball Damberg at 919.688.4141 or

Confirmed resource providers include Urban Ministries of Durham, Lincoln Community Health Center, Durham County Health Department, Latino Credit Union, Self Help Credit Union, and many other area churches and community organizations. There are opportunities for all to assist, even if only to welcome a stranger as you share a meal.

Give Help.
Get Help.
Find Hope.


- SLN - said...

I went by the fair today. Oh, how I wish the logo above would be turned into a bumper sticker or window cling or something. The fair had all but petered out by 12:45 when I arrived. It was disappointing, since I wanted to see a lot of the booths that had already packed up and left.

Rebekah Radisch said...

Thanks for coming. People are slackers, but it was blazing hot! We pretty much expected that the free food was the main draw.

They said there were 500 during the 5 hours (10a-3p)...I would guess this includes the many volunteers.

There actually are nice logo stickers, albeit rather well as tasteful tees. These are still available by contacting St. Philip's at 919-682-5708.

Next time...perhaps 11-1 would be a better time?

- SLN - said...

I was glad to drop in. I really wish people knew how much Durham has to offer. I do think you're right, that 5 hours may have been a bit too long for a resource fair (what with the attrition rate and the food availability). It'd also be nice to see it more centrally located, though I do understand a) the affordability of its current location, and b) the need for socioeconomic attention outside of the downtown epicenter.

And I'm so glad to hear about the stickers! The logo and flyers were beautifully designed.

Rebekah Radisch said...

Yeah, it's a tough location, in more ways than one. But it's St. Philip's location and St. P's hatched the idea and UMD shares the block with St. P's and, while all were welcome, it was primarily for the benefit of UMD clients and those who could be, have been or may be.

Still, if Ernie Mills can get huge throngs at his big events, even farther from the downtown epicenter, then I suppose that given enough repeat events, St. P's can, too.

And looking at old Dtown maps, St. P's was originally more downtown epicenter than it is now.

Good things are happening on the East end, what with Golden Belt and the other efforts to revitalize...go Durham!

Check out St. P's website to see whatever else is in the hopper: